Brief Summary: Interaboard is an interactive balance board. It contains embedded hardware to monitor balance angles and pressure, and is designed to be a tool to engage users in fun and interactive workout routines.

For: Interactive Device Design, UC Berkeley Master Class

Team: Joshua Kay, Juan Pablo Duarte, Diego Rivas

My contributions: Board design and prototyping, sensor embedding and architecture, game design components, LED control code, Video Ad.

Outside Link:

Video Add: please message me to send you file.


Screen Shot 2017-01-08 at 11.23.49 PM.png


Prototype Progression

Overview: the board consists of three main components

-The enclosure: carefully machined with appropriate assembly tolerances, composed of a wooden component and an acrylic lid

-The embedded electronics: contained in a center pocket in the wood, it was initially breadboarded and later on a custom PCB was built. Components include a battery, an accelerometer, mux chips, and a RedBear Duo microprocessor. An LED strip was custom built to fit the inside ellipsoidal perimeter and correlate with pressure values.

-The pressure mat: composed of copper rows routed from one side of the acrylic to the other, and divided by a resistive sheet from the copper columns glued on top. The whole assembly is covered with a foam for user grip and aesthetics.

Screen Shot 2017-01-08 at 11.24.16 PM.png








First prototype, sensor                              embedding


Main component hub clearance


Pressure mat routing (backside)

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 9.30.03 PM.png


Pressure mat cross section – fundamental component for registering pressure patterns and detecting exercises in users.


Final Prototype (cushion not shown)



Game UI Design

The game was designed and programmed using Unity 3D, by following an infinite runner controlled by user motion: balance and pressure.

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 11.28.48 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-12-03 at 10.23.57 PM.png


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